We welcome runners  to join us  for a chance to run or walk ‘ The Most Scenic Route in India. Because our organization understands the importance and urgency of developing ecologically and environmentally sound practices surrounding our events, we are taking steps to increase our environmental sustainability.  Our events impact the surrounding Eco Sensitive Biodiversity of Matheran and our efforts to “reduce, re-use, and recycle” go a long way towards keeping our destination cities both “green and pristine.”

BYOB stands for “Bring Your Own Bottle” and represents an effort on the part of race organizers to reduce the usage of plastic bottles/paper cups at aid stations.  If you wish to participate, you can carry one or more bottles that can be refilled at the BYOB refill station on the race route.

Water will be dispensed in steel glasses at hydration stations, thus avoiding plastic/paper glass wastage.

While not mandatory for runners, BYOB is a great alternative for those out there to enjoy the beauty of Matheran & leave it as a better place than before.


Matheran Tree Plantation Drive :

Mathe-Ran,… ‘Raan’ is a marathi word for Forest and ‘Mathe’, literally means Head.

To ensure that the forest does not only remain on the top, the valleys and foothill are stripped of trees, we started supporting the Tree Plantation initiatives at Jummapatti, the first railway station on the Neral- Matheran route. We did a tree plantation drive during the First MatheRUN in 2012 along with Anudanit Madhyamik Aashramshala, Mangaonwadi and planted 130 indigenous species of trees. Unfortunately due to paucity of funds we could not provide Tree Guards, which could have drastically redused the mortality rate of trees.

But the 23 trees that have survived still makes us proud.

Matheran Tourist Guide Training Course :

As a part of Skill Development for the local educated youths, a  5 day Matheran Guide Training Course was conducted along with Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) from 15-19 Jan 2016.

10 educated unemployed youth were trained in various aspects of soft skills and information in local Biodiversity.